“Heights” Video Series!

It’s been more than a month since we updated the blog! The good news is we’ve been busy working with clients and also creating some new services and packages which we will be posting here soon.

For now, we want to share a video series called “Heights” created by one of our clients, Bo Stambaugh. He is working with Heights to achieve some performance goals this summer and he is filming the whole process for us to see! You’ll see the videos have some amazing photographs taken by Mark Smiley from the Smileysproject.com

Check out the intro YouTube video here:

If we had an attorney on staff (which we don’t), this is where he/she would tell us that we need to remind you that you should always consult your health care provider first before trying anything we link to from this website.  Also in full disclosure, Bo Stambaugh is a business consultant retained by Heights Performance, but these videos are a personal project of his and do not necessarily reflect the views of Heights Performance.

We’ll be posting more on the blog and website soon. Please stay in touch and as always, come by and see us if you are in Gunnison.