Athlete Spotlight- Liz Sampey, Pro Mtn Biker

Liz Sampey, 32, is a more than just a pretty face on a bike. She holds her Doctorate in Physical Therapy, is a poetic writer, adventurer, and has proven to be a force to be reckoned with on the bike this year. Liz had quite a successful race season, feeling the love on the podium more times than not. One of her biggest victories was taking 1st place in the grueling Breck 100 Challenge. Not even one year after shoulder surgery, Liz proves that she is one committed competitor. Liz Podium

Some of her other astounding accomplishments (just to name a few) are taking 4th in the Growler 50 mile, a 5th place finish in the Breck Epic (her first stage race, racing for 6 days in an international pro field), and a 3rd place finish at the Vapor Trail 125, racing nearly 19 hours through the night! Liz’s biggest accomplishment this year, however, was coaching at the Crested Butte Beti AllRide Clinic. “Helping the women overcome fears and rise up to challenges, and become more confident on their bikes was pretty incredible. The energy of the place between the coaches and riders that weekend was really special.”

Liz is currently in her off season, “time to eat cake and get fat for a few months, as well as do some alpine running and lots of yoga”. She is doing some coaching; both road and mountain bike skill-building in the Gunnison Valley. Next month she plans to drop the donuts and start ramping up her activity level by bike training in Grand Junction, Salida and Moab.

Liz Close up

Check out this excerpt from one of Liz’s race blogs:
“I leapt out of bed before my alarm this morning. I felt like a tightly coiled spring, ready to explode. Today was the last stage of the Breck Epic…The race went off hot from the gun. No neutral rollout today. We started on the road and it was FAST. Laura zoomed off ahead of me, and it was all I could do not to chase her. “Let her go, don’t blow yourself up,” I told myself. I am notorious for blowing up at the start, and 32 miles was not long enough for me to recover after blowing – not in this strong of a field. I rode hard and strong, but didn’t let myself pop…” (Continue reading her blog at

Photo Credit: Liam Doran