2016 Heights Wellness Workshops at the Sanctuary

Heights_2016 poster

Happy Feet and Blissed out Hips:   

January 30 11am-1pm
Deepen your practice by understanding your foundation. During this workshop we will study how the placement, flexibility and resiliency of the feet, ankles, knees and hips directly impacts the ability of the energy in the body to rebound from the floor up through the spine. We will also explore how tightness, weakness or dysfunctional movement in the legs, pelvis or hips, can lead to compensations that cause pain in the lower back, SI joint, shoulders, ankles and knees. We will also practice a series of deep and juicy hip opening poses that will allow you to create space physically and emotionally.

Sign up at gunnisonsanctuary.com  $25/per person

Tech-neck: Relief for the neck, shoulders and upper back:                                

February 27 11am-1pm

Tension can be a “pain” in the neck. Release, Reboot and Renew your neck, shoulders and upper back. Increase blood circulation, increase mobility while decreasing stiffness and tension.

Sign up at gunnisonsanctuary.com  $25/per person