3D Functional Movement and Mobility Classes

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Chris Rogers, DPT, PT will be offering a fun new class at the Mountaineer Field House beginning Thursday, April 14th.

This fun class will be offered for 8 weeks, and we will take an interactive approach to learn how to utilize proper movement patterns, improve functional mobility, reduce risks of common injuries, and create control throughout the entire system.  We will utilize all planes of motion to expand your dynamic stability, while increasing tissue elasticity and efficiency of force distribution. Come join this fun approach of learning how to improve your movement experience.

Why this class?: Over years of acquiring movement patterns and faulty biomechanics, our bodies create paths of least resistance that lead to overuse injuries or eventual failure of anatomical structure.  This course will teach you to utilize proper movement patterns to reduce injuries.

When: Thursdays 12-1PM starting April 14th, ending June 9th

Where: Mountaineer Field House, Activity Room #1

Cost: $120 for 8 class course, or $20 drop-ins

Call HEIGHTS to register at 970-641-7389