Carol’s PT Story

“I am so delighted I was asked to write “My PT Story” which is about this guy named Chris Rogers, who has these excellent degrees of PT and DPT after his name, and works at Heights Performance.

I landed at Heights Performance’s front door on 9/25/2015 at 10:15 a.m. because of issues with my left leg/hip problem which I thought was caused by Pickleball.  After getting through the required paperwork routine, I was then introduced to Chris Rogers (originally from Texas but incredibly has very little Texas accent).  Obviously Chris had to go through with the “what happened to you, what is feeling bad, etc.”

I bet at times Chris felt like he was on a roller coaster with my problems since I went from thinking I had done something to either my hip or pulled a muscle playing Pickleball to which ultimately doctors found that I needed surgery on recurring lower back for L4/L5/S1 problems (long story).  From that first session on Sept. 25, 2015 to the date I am writing this (Mar 3, 2016), I am still seeing Chris twice per week for therapy sessions since I finally had back surgery on January 25, 2016 (am on the mend).  Without Chris and his therapeutic skills helping me out, I know I would have been really miserable.  He has kept me upright and moving and helping to even alleviate painful areas.

CHRIS TRULY CARES ABOUT HIS PATIENTS AND AGAIN HE LISTENS! He is very good about giving you a personalized list of exercises for you to do at home.  Of course, he has to make changes to that list every now and then.  But beware, he has this ornery side to him that he tries to keep hidden.  And he loves dark chocolate!

I thank Chris and everyone at Heights Performance for providing a warm and welcome feeling you receive the moment you walk through that front door and for all the wonderful care.”

-Carol G.  3/3/16