The Importance of a Positive Attitude

The brain is a magnificent thing. It controls and regulates all the processes that take place within our body. However, it can sometimes have influence when it’s not really necessary. Did you know that simply your attitude could affect your healing?

A study by Stroud demonstrated that negative cognition, especially self statements,
was more predictive of outcome in chronic pain patients than their beliefs about their actual pain. Negative Thinking can delay healing, make stress and pain worse, and cause us to neglect our health. It can also block you from taking risks, making changes and expressing your true self. This says a lot about the power of the brain and its
influence on the processes of the body.  When you shift your thinking away from the pain and focus on more positive aspects of your life, you change the way your
body responds to the anticipated pain and stress. This helps your body and mind respond better when you have pain.

How can we define positive thinking? Positive Thinking can be seen as focusing on what is good about yourself, other people, and the world around you. Not far from positive thinking is optimism; the tendency to expect the best possible outcome.
These thought processes are much more conducive to the healing process.

Think to yourself, would you rather be around someone who always feels that the world has it out for them and is constantly followed by a little black cloud? If you’re focusing on the negative side of things then you could be that person in other people’s lives.

It’s easy to say, “be positive,” but how does a person actually make the change?
There are several ways which you can try and replace negativity for a better,
healthier positive. First is to recognize when you are being overly negative and
when a self-defeating attitude is present. This self-defeating attitude normally
leads to a self-defeating behavior, which leads to a negative outcome. Together,
these three make a vicious cycle. By identifying that this is happening, you can
break the cycle and interject positive thinking to get yourself back on track.


The Power of Positive thinking:

Paying attention to your vocabulary can have a major impact on your overall demeanor. Limit your complaints and instead of just talking about what bothers you, do something about it. Also, go out of your way to choose words with a more positive connotation and
make it a habit of speaking to people in a positive manner. Soon by making these comments, the positive stance will spill over into your basic attitudes.
Also, surround yourself with the people whom you strive to be like. Finding yourself around positive people and seeking their company is a great way to influence a positive mood. Also, discussing ideas and thoughts with these people will let you into their world and give you a glimpse of what is to come.
Seek out positive experiences and laughter. Try new experiences with new people. Of course, an open mind is necessary and a negative cloud cannot precede these opportunities or the loop of negativity will continue. Another tip is to accept people and situations rather than judging. Strive to accept people and situations as they are.
Thinking about how things could be different and better will not change them; only change your attitude towards them.

Positive thinking can make us mentally and physically healthy. Thinking well can make you be well. If you’d like to receive additional care, seeing a counselor can give you a more personalized approach to becoming a more positive person and taking the lead on your body’s healing.