Polly’s PT Story

“I have been coming to Physical Therapy sessions for over 30 years.  Although I didn’t look forward to them, I always went because they helped.  They were never hard, never hurt…it’s just that it was the same thing over and over.  Then I heard Heights was the best.  Now with Trent & KayLynne and crew, I look forward to my weekly sessions!  It’s always something different, sometimes difficult, but always fun.  (Go to Heights for your weekly dose of laughter)

They are all so positive.  I have had the opportunity to work with all the therapists, all of whom are exceptional.  They are good at explaining-in understandable terms- the mechanics of each move, which helps me to integrate it all in a passable (though not pretty) walk When I started at Heights about 2-3 years ago, I had trouble going from sit to stand- and maintain it for 60 seconds.  Now I can walk (mostly unaided) across the room!  I am amazed at how much that i have improved!  I also walk a mile on the Alter-G (anti-gravity) treadmill.  Boy do I make myself sick with all the bragging about that!  (Well, it’s with 50% of my weight and takes me half an hour, but hey, I started with 30% for 15 minutes!)

All the staff is awesome- always with a smile and an encouraging word.  I can’t thank Heights enough for what they have given me— They are the best!  Oh what a joy! ”

-Polly V. 3/2/16