Sandra’s PT Story

“My experience at Heights has been nothing but positive from the very beginning.  The people working at the front desk are so efficient and friendly and like everyone else working there–very caring.  I had double knee replacements 10/1/15.  I started PT at Heights 10/30/15.  I was very nervous at the beginning of my first visit.  I was using a walker to walk and in a lot of pain.  Taren was the PT person assigned to me.  She immediately put me at ease by explaining to me what we would be doing.  She also said she would never ask me to do something that I would be unable to do.  After five months of PT, I can say that she was true to her word.  She was always there to help me so I was never afraid I would hurt myself.  The care she gave me was always done in such a caring, fun way that PT was something I really looked forward to.  Heights is truly a fun place to go–everyone there has such a great sense of humor, but they all are so highly knowledgeable and trained in their field they can take someone like me that couldn’t walk or sit because it was too painful and I could tell every time I went to PT, I came out so much better and able to to do so much more.  Taren was always ready and willing to listen to things that I had trouble with or worried me and then would come up with exercises so I could do them.  (And kept me laughing while I was doing them.)

Gradually my balance, flexibility and strength got so much better that I was able to play two games of pickleball today.  During my early recovery months I had despaired of ever playing pickleball again.  (Trent kept telling me I would.) I saw miracles happen for patients coming to Heights.  I would not hesitate to go to any of the PT people at Heights because I saw the caring and the knowledge that occur there.  And I saw the happy smiles of patients when they progressed so well.  I know Taren worked a miracle with me.  She is such a professional but cares so much for her patients and has such a great sense of humor.  I am excited to be well again, but sad to leave Taren and Heights.  They are all wonderful.”

-Sandra D. 3/3/16