Thelma Reece, May 2016 Heightsman Award Winner

This month, we are excited to give our Heightsman Award to Thelma Reece.  If you’ve been in Gunnison for a while, you’re probably no stranger to Thelma, with her upbeat attitude and great sense of humor. Thelma Reece

Thelma was nominated for her dedication to helping others in our community.  Thelma spends time at the Nursing home everyday, visiting, encouraging, and brightening the days of the residents there.  She also is the care taker of a good friend of hers, whom she visits twice a day.

We owe it to Western for bringing this vibrant woman to our community.  Thelma arrived in 19532 to attend Western State College (Now Western State Colorado University).  She fell in love the community and became a teacher.  Thelma taught 4th grade, Physical Education and Special Education for a total of 21 years.  She still remembers all of her students, and refers to them as her “kids”.

We are a lucky town to have such a lively, inspiring woman in our midst.  Congratulations Thelma!

***The Heightsman Award will be awarded monthly to any member of the Gunnison Valley that has had a positive influence on the community.

Have someone you’d like to nominate?  Send their name and why you’d like to see them win this award to***