Dave Wiens July 2016 Heightsman Award Winner

This month, we are excited to present our Heightsman Award to Dave Wiens for all of his work throughout the Gunnison Valley. Dave has been living in Gunnison for more than 30 years. A Western graduate, he raced mountain bikes professionally for more than 20 years. He founded Gunnison Trails in 2006 to maintain trails, educate trail users and to work toward building new trails and trail systems near Gunnison. Wiens created the Original Growler mountain bike race in 2008 as a way to raise funds for Gunnison Trails. The Growler, and more recently the Original Meowler, are owned and operated by Gunnison Trails and all proceeds benefit the organization, which in turn passes portions on to Western’s Mountain Rescue Team, Gunnison Nordic and the Gunnison Country Food Pantry, among others.


Gunnison Trails has been working to develop a trail system in the Signal Peak area, adjacent to the Gunnison city limits and Western. While trail users have been using the area for decades, no formal trail system currently exists. Gunnison Trails would like to begin work in this area in 2017. This year, Gunnison Trails rolled out its first ever Youth Trail Crew, which provides part-time summer employment to 3 Gunnison area young people. The goal is to expand this program and use valley youth as a significant mechanism for trail construction in the Signal Peak area.

Check out Gunnison Trails at gunnisontrails.com or contact them at info@gunnisontrails.com.

Thanks Dave for all of your service to the Gunnison Valley and congrats!

***The Heightsman Award will be awarded monthly to any member of the Gunnison Valley that has had a positive influence on the community.

Have someone you’d like to nominate?  Send their name and why you’d like to see them win this award to Andrea@HeightsPerformance.com***