Trust in your Abilities

A key goal of all peak performance training is TRUST. Whether you are an individual athlete or a team working together, trust is a key component of peak performance. Trust in the performance realm is when an athlete is able to ignore all of the pressures involved and let his or her body deliver the performance that has been learned so well. Trust is letting go of the mental need to control.  When you have trust in your body’s ability to perform the task in competition, it’s almost as if something else, not you, is directing your movements.  Instead of analyzing what went wrong on the last mistake and how to fix it—during competition—move on to the next play, run, move, or shot and trust in your ability.

In order for athletes to perform to their fullest potential, they must first learn how to trust themselves and their talents. In pressure situations this is imperative. For teams, trust is the glue that binds them together and creates team chemistry. Without the trust in teammates and coaches there is sure to be conflict and dissension.  As an individual, you must trust yourself and your abilities so that your body can naturally react to the situation without deliberate or conscious control of movements.  An athlete must allow themselves to play/ compete on instinct and feel, where the mind is relatively clear and and able to connect to the activity.  Trust the effort and preparation put in,  allowing the body to do what it has been trained to do.

From a coaching perspective, coaches and parents as well, help affirm their athletes’ ability to trust themselves, their talents, and their preparation. With affirming this trust, athletes confidently and assertively, without second-guessing, look to make plays or advancements to being successful.  Without this, athletes second guess themselves; make mistakes, and miss crucial opportunities.  So, as an athlete, believe in your abilities. 


Now get out there, grow, learn, practice, persevere and trust in your ability to do what you do!

Susan Jackson

Pro Athlete/ Heights Performance