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Deep Breath… Here we go…the start of a new school year. As we hold on to the last of our long summer days, we also enjoy the excitement of a new school year. Things are hectic as we scramble to figure out activities and schedules making sure our kids have opportunity, get to experience life, and are able to enjoy the unique environment that we live in. Way to go Snow Sports Foundation and families for getting your kids out there. Step back and reflect on what it is your kiddos are about to embark on. Whatever the activity, sport or competition they are going to be doing this year and whatever happens within it, be affirmed for getting them out there. The shaping of their young lives is happening through it all.

To me, it is an interesting world we are living in. What are we teaching our children when in some arenas, they aren’t allowed to be recognized in front of their peers for their achievements or hard work. We don’t want others to feel bad if they didn’t win an award, so we will send you an email and let you know how you did or let you know in private. What if the Olympics were that way? Way to Go Athletes! We will send you a text to to let you know your score, time, or how you placed. No podiums, no anthems, medals will arrive via FedEx. We would rob people of joy, of disappointment, of motivation to strive harder, of pride and even a shared sense of pride or emotion even as spectators.

Where am I going with this? This year we all dream for our kids to experience the joy of sport, and we know that in the midst of it will be life. Joy…yes, or perhaps another broken arm that doesn’t allow them to compete, a fall that keeps them from advancing to the final, low visibility that throws off their game, an unkind word from a peer or competitor. The experiences will be all over the board, and we have the amazing opportunity of walking through it with them. We have the gift of encouraging them in heartache and seeing them mature in small ways through it all. Our experiences mold who we are, and we as parents and coaches get to help them be examples of grace, humility, kindness, determination, perseverance. I know that for me, in sport, I wouldn’t trade the disappointments for the joy and opportunities that I experienced. So, whether or not our kids become the next Olympian isn’t the point, though that would be awesome. Will they be the competitor that stopped to help an injured opponent cross the finish line, will they win with grace, will they cheer their teammates to victory from the sideline, knowing they are a critical piece of the game? Then later on, will they be an insightful parent, or hard working employee? What the year holds will shape them and prepare them for life. This is priceless.

Hats off for getting your young ones out there, knowing what they take from their experience will be life-changing whatever it is. Cheers to the year ahead!

KayLynne Ezzell PT, MPT/ VP, CEO
Heights Physical Therapy LLC
Heights Performance LLC