Anthony’s PT Story

“Walking up and down hills or stairs caused shooting pains in my kneecaps that had become increasingly intense and distracting over the years. I used to chalk up the pain to simple aging and a history of arthritis in my family. During vacation, the pain became so debilitating that I found it difficult to walk by the end of the day. Hiking up and down trails had also become painful and were no longer something I could comfortably do. My wife finally convinced me to get checked out. I was diagnosed with chondromalacia patella, and prescribed PT rather than surgery.

From day one, my physical therapist, Taren Frazier, always made an effort to explain to me how the exercises we were doing would help strengthen the muscles that were responsible for my weakened knees. We established some long-term goals, beyond just combating the pain in my knees. I said that I wanted to get in better shape, because I know that the 10 pounds I had gained in the past few years wasn’t helping. A few weeks in, I remember walking up the stairs in my home and the first few steps up, noticed that there wasn’t any pain. It was an odd feeling, because I had become so used to it. As the days went by, the pain started to dissipate more until the majority of trips up and down the stairs were pain free. I also noticed that I was losing weight. When I told Taren this, she encouraged me to check out Mountaineer Field house as a space in which I could more effectively do my PT exercises. She also reminded me of my long-term goal to get in shape.

I knew that my PT plus workouts at the gym could make a huge difference, but I also knew I had to make it a habit. With Taren’s encouragement – and most importantly her guidance as to what workouts and machines to avoid and which ones would be most helpful – I challenged myself to 30 consecutive days at the gym. I reached that goal, and since then have been going 6 days a week. Recently, I tried a hike up and down some steep grades and – for the first time in over a decade – was able to do it with no pain, and no soreness afterward. It was an incredible feeling. Additionally my time at the gym has started to transform my body and I’m seeing muscle definition that I haven’t seen in over 25 years. I feel healthier than I have since college. I could not have done it without the people at Heights. Most importantly, Taren taught me so much about how my body works, and how to better read it. I came out of PT not just feeling better, but being much more educated about how to move.’

-Anthony Miccoli 9/20/16