February 2017 Heightsman Award: Ingrid Butts


When choosing the recipient of the Heightsman Award this month, we just couldn’t look past our own doors.  It is a beautiful thing to watch Ingrid buzz right in with bags and water bottles in hand, a contagious smile and a “how are ya?”  She is humility and grace through and through.  Ingrid is a 2 time Olympic Nordic Skier, wife of 33 years, mom to 2 awesome teens, Massage Therapist, Director of the Gunnison Nordic Team, Fitness in Ministry instructor, and has more than 23 years coaching all ages nordic skiing.  If you know Ingrid, you know that her determination bleeds in everything that she does, and she loves helping others.  Her joy is contagious and her humility is honorable.  Ingrid instructs with wisdom, encourages with power and loves through it all.  If you ask her about it, she’ll respond that it isn’t really about doing, but ” I think it’s just who I am”, and she’s right.  It doesn’t matter what she is doing, whether within our doors, her home, her church, on skis – she blesses the Gunnison community and touches lives everyday.  We are honored to know you, Ingrid, and ecstatic to work alongside of you.