Heightsman Award/ November 2017

The Heightsman Award Winners for this month are Jim and Abby Kunes!


We live in an awesome community and we are honored to know and meet so many wonderful people that serve our community and the people who live here so beautifully.  These are people who serve others without announcing it to the world.  They live in humility and love others well.  Something that we can all learn from and be inspired by in a world that is so self-focused so much of the time.

Jim and Abby have served together on so many levels.  They have raised 4 children here in the Gunnison valley and have been married for 36 years.  We have seen them step up to help us and so many other people with their service, listening ears and empathetic hearts.

Jim has been in the Gunnison Valley since 1969.  He is a Graduate of Western State and was the senior pastor of Oh Be Joyful Church in Crested Butte for 24 years.  He is a founder of New Adams House serving men with addiction, instituted the first Community Food Pantry for those in need and helped begin a youth ministry program for Crested Butte.  Jim has served and continues to serve numerous individuals and families as a Pastoral and Community Counselor.  For the past 28 years he has facilitated Skiers Chapel at CBMR. Jim has been involved with many National and International missions over the years.  He remains an elder and active member of Oh Be Joyful Church, and has returned to being a Contractor and Home Builder in the upper valley.

Abby served as an RN at GVH for 35 years.  She recently retired from her service there, but she has cared for multitudes of community members needing care, injured, having babies.. and she took her job so very personally.  Abby loved, encouraged, and laughed with her patients along with providing excellent care as a nurse.  Many of you know what I mean. :)  Abby has volunteered for many great community causes in our valley and beyond.  She currently serves in the OBJ meal ministry and recently worked with Compassion International (compassion.com) in Kenya for their children sponsorship program.

Thank you Jim and Abby for your service to our community!  Crested Butte and Gunnison wouldn’t be the same without you!