Andy Albershardt – Cycling Coach & Bike Fitter

Andy Albersardt Bike Coach & Fitter

With over 10 years of coaching and bike fitting experience, Andy can get you comfortable on your bike and get your cycling to where you want it to be!

Custom Bike Fitting
Put a stop to discomfort caused by cycling in an unnatural position. By getting a proper fitting, each part of the bike and you will be carefully analyzed so you and your bike will be in harmony! With our proven system, it is assured you will ride comfortably and efficiently to meet your specific bicycling demands.

Make your cycling a little easier with a fitted bike!

Cycling Coaching
With decades of experience, Andy knows what it takes to get you to where you want to be on your bike. Competing himself in over 500 races in stage, road, time trial, criterium, cyclocross, and triathalon, he understands what training is necessary for each category. He was on the Olympic Development team, is USAC Certified Level 2 Coach, and stays active in the racing community.

Andy uses the PRIDE method to get your cycling on track. PRIDE (Profound Results In Daily Effort) consists of:

  • Personalized Daily Workout Plans
  • Quarterly Threshold Training
  • Bike Fitting & Monitoring
  • Spin Scan Pedal Stroke Analysis
  • Weight & Strength Training
  • Monthly Goal Review
  • Skills/Technique Instruction
  • Race/Event/Strategy Preparation

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