Kelli Jennings, RD – Nutritionist

KelliBioPic2013-1Kelli Jennings is a Registered Dietitian with a passion for wellness, disease prevention, and sports nutrition. Eight years ago, she founded her private practice, Apex Nutrition, LLC, to help endurance athletes fuel their bodies during trainings and competitions, and nourish their bodies every day.

Her nutrition plans focus on optimal daily and training nutrition, supplementation, obtaining a healthy and advantageous strength to weight ratio, optimal metabolism, and ongoing health and wellness. Kelli’s Custom Nutrition Packets and Nutrition Coaching services combine detailed, “just tell me what to eat” meal planning with experienced & expert personal coaching from an endurance athlete who’s been there and who’s excelled!

Kelli graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Dietetics, completed her residency/Dietetics Board Exam to become an RD, and maintains continuing education to stay one. She began her career at George Washington University Hospital, then moved into private practice to focus on endurance sports nutrition, wellness, disease prevention, and metabolism.

Now, helping hundreds of clients meet their goals, she stays abreast with current research on sports nutrition, nutrients, metabolism, fat loss, and disease. She’s combined her personal interests and professional expertise to become a leading sports nutritionist.

In fact, she specializes in helping athletes achieve goal weight and body fat percentage while maintaining muscle, strength, and stamina. Now, after dedicating years to studying and working on metabolism and wellness for the athlete, she believes and teaches that optimal fat loss requires improving health at the cellular level, consuming the right nutrients and fluids every day (not just avoiding things that drag you down), and eating clean, whole foods with minimal pesticides/chemicals/hormones/ toxins/etc.

In addition to her private practice clients, she’s a consultant to many sports teams, professional athletes, and blogs including her own Fuel Right Blog and Loving the Bike.

Outside of work, Kelli loves living with her husband & three kids in Colorado where she spends her free time backcountry skiing, cycling, mountain biking, trail running, cooking, and reading.

She’s had top finishes in long-distance mountain bike races including a top 20 overall, 2nd place female, finish in the Crested Butte Classic (100+ mile, 12000+ ft elevation gain) four months after giving birth to her 2nd son, a first place finish as part of Team Leonard Skinners in the 24 hours of Sunlight Rando Race, and a 1st place finish in the Durango 100K Mountain Bike Race.

But mostly, she enjoys adventures that don’t require entrance fees or gear check-ins, and do require that you carry all your own stuff. These include mountain biking in the mountains & desert (WRIAD, Kokepeli trail unsupported in 2 days), backpacking, and climbing mountains – she’s climbed the 54 summits of all of Colorado’s 14,000 foot peaks (8 snow climb/ski descents).

Kelli has also written Fuel Right Race Light – where you’ll learn to eat right every day, fuel right for training and racing, supplement to meet your nutrient needs, and more!  Or, get a jump on fat loss for your best strength:weight ratio with my 3-Day Smoothie Cleanse and 5 Cycle Fitness Plan.