Chris Rogers, PT, DPT

Chris Rogers 1sChris graduated from Texas State University with a bachelor in Exercise Sports Science and then received his Doctorate of Physical Therapy at Texas Tech Health Sciences Center.

Chris grew up in the small town of Brazoria, TX, just south of Houston.
Knowing that he had a passion for helping others, Chris began to observe throughout the hospital and in other medical professions. Through this experience and personal exposure from numerous injuries, he fell in love with the profession of physical therapy and has pursued a career in this field since his junior year in high school.

Chris has continuously been involved in outdoor sports including motocross, surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, and mountain biking, which has lead him to pursue a life in the Rocky Mountains. During his undergraduate program, Chris owned and operated Bonafide Skateboards to help fund his education in the pursuit of becoming a physical therapist. Chris is excited to be apart of Heights Performance that shares his belief that physical therapy should be provided through a one on one experience directed towards optimizing the client’s functional performance.

The next goal for Chris is certification in orthopedic manual therapy, which has driven him to take numerous continuing education courses through the International Academy of Orthopedic Medicine. His passion is to enable others to participate and obtain their highest level of performance within the activities that enrich their human experience.