Acupuncture works by regulating the flow of energy within the body.  Small, sterile needles stimulate points on or under the skin.  It has proven to be extremely effective in alleviating pain due to injury, arthritis, and even certain disease.Webpage Acupuncture

For rehabbing clients, acupuncture has been shown to significantly decrease pain and inflammation after surgery.  It will also help your body detox from the anesthesia, and help you to feel back to yourself again, sooner.

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Acupuncture generally involves several weekly treatments, and sessions last about an hour.  Before your session, we recommend a light meal, and plan to take it easy the rest of the day.

Because the needles will be redirecting the flow of energy in your body, it is normal to feel a bit fatigued after a treatment. Our acupuncturists,  Stacy and Cea, are highly trained and you will be amazed by the results this ancient practice creates.

Our Team of Acupuncturists

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