Road & Mountain Bike Fitting

computrainerGet better performance from your bike with a customized bike fitting from our certified fitter, Andy Albershardt. Andy will assess your riding style, needs, pre-existing conditions and goals.

He will measure both you and your bike(s). The 2 hour bike fit process includes assessing your pedal strength and symmetry. Afterwards, Andy will put your bike on a Racer Mate Computrainer as you spend time on the bike pedaling through various efforts.

Andy will be observing your strength and power stroke through your pedal action. In addition, he will be able to examine your fit, starting from the feet up.

Using a laser alignment tool, Andy will observe your pedaling symmetry, and work his way up reviewing, measuring, and adjusting the fit of your bike the entire way. As we all know, bikes are not such a natural fit and Andy will help you meld as best as possible to your bike.

Sounds pretty cool, huh? Even better is that Andy can bring his equipment to YOU! Call today to set up an appointment and start riding more efficiently than ever!