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3D Functional Movement and Mobility Classes

  Chris Rogers, DPT, PT will be offering a fun new class at the Mountaineer Field House beginning Thursday, April 14th. This fun class will be offered for 8 weeks, and we will take an interactive approach to learn how to utilize proper movement patterns, improve functional mobility, reduce risks of common injuries, and create…
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2016 Heights Wellness Workshops at the Sanctuary

Happy Feet and Blissed out Hips:    January 30 11am-1pm Deepen your practice by understanding your foundation. During this workshop we will study how the placement, flexibility and resiliency of the feet, ankles, knees and hips directly impacts the ability of the energy in the body to rebound from the floor up through the spine. We…
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Heights/Sanctuary 2015 Yoga Workshops

(Click image for larger view) Heights Performance is partnering with the Sanctuary to bring you our 2015 Yoga Wellness Workshops! Each month will highlight yogic remedies for common health concerns and ailments. January- Yoga for Weight loss & Management February- Yoga for Healthy Hips March- Yoga for Lower back Pain April- Yoga for Shoulder mobility…
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