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Healthy Fuel Recipe: RAW Power for Athletes

When it comes to veggies, the question I’m asked most (beside, do I have to?) is should they be eaten raw rather than cooked? The simple answer in most cases is yes…most of the time. I like to see vegetables eaten raw more than 50% of the time, and when cooked, I recommend following the…
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Easy Balsamic Dressing that can Change your Health!

Here’s a shocker: I think more of our foods should be made at home.  I think when you buy a prepared food at the store, the time you save with buying it rather than making it should be spent checking (and double checking) the ingredients list.  I think athletes can stay healthy, recover better, train better…
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Heights Smoothies at Gunnison Vitamin & Health Food Store

What's better than a cool, healthy smoothie on active summer day? Kelli Jennings, the Heights Performance Nutritionist, created these to give you just what you need for your active lifestyle. Most importantly, they're tasty! Stop by the Gunnison Vitamin and Health Food Store (across the parking lot from Heights) and try one of three specialty drinks.…
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