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Heightsman Award/ November 2017

The Heightsman Award Winners for this month are Jim and Abby Kunes! We live in an awesome community and we are honored to know and meet so many wonderful people that serve our community and the people who live here so beautifully.  These are people who serve others without announcing it to the world.  They…
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Carol Greenlee is the recipient of the March Heightsman Award.  Carol is awarded for her contagious positive attitude and for her community service in Gunnison.  Carol fell in love with Gunnison/ CBCarol Greenlee Heightsman when she was 5 years old visiting with her parents, and holds her community near and dear to her heart.  Carol has been a Board Member of the Gunnison Nordic Club for 7 years.  She is a former board member of the Mountaineer Athletic Association, and enjoys being able to help with numerous community organizations.

Carol is an active pickle ball enthusiast.  She enjoys teaching others the sport of pickle ball and is working to get pickle ball courts built in the City of Gunnison for others to play and enjoy in the summer months.  Carol would love to see the community join her for learning pickle ball at the Rec Center and would love to see the community donate to the City for new courts.  Thanks Carol!  You’re Awesome!

February 2017 Heightsman Award: Ingrid Butts

When choosing the recipient of the Heightsman Award this month, we just couldn't look past our own doors.  It is a beautiful thing to watch Ingrid buzz right in with bags and water bottles in hand, a contagious smile and a "how are ya?"  She is humility and grace through and through.  Ingrid is a…
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Dave Wiens July 2016 Heightsman Award Winner

This month, we are excited to present our Heightsman Award to Dave Wiens for all of his work throughout the Gunnison Valley. Dave has been living in Gunnison for more than 30 years. A Western graduate, he raced mountain bikes professionally for more than 20 years. He founded Gunnison Trails in 2006 to maintain trails,…
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Rob Whiting, June 2016 Heightsman Award Winner

This month, our Heightsman Award goes to Rob Whiting, a very well-known man, especially among the younger generation. Rob has been with the Gunnison Police department for 26 years and 17 years as community resource officer. As the community resource officer, Rob runs school based programs involving drug prevention, positive choices, and safe decision making…
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Thelma Reece, May 2016 Heightsman Award Winner

This month, we are excited to give our Heightsman Award to Thelma Reece.  If you've been in Gunnison for a while, you're probably no stranger to Thelma, with her upbeat attitude and great sense of humor. Thelma was nominated for her dedication to helping others in our community.  Thelma spends time at the Nursing home…
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Bill Dowis, April 2016 Heightsman Award Winner

This month, our friend Bill Dowis was nominated to be the recipient of our Heightsman Award!  Bill is being recognized for his commitment to our community, as well as his commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Bill has been the basketball coach for Gunnison children for 30 years.  He is dedicated to those children, and that…
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Polly Venard, March 2016 Heightsman Award Winner

We are so excited to announce that Polly Venard is the recipient of our first ever "Heightsman Award"!  Polly is always bringing us smiles at the clinic as she strolls in on her scooter with beautiful purple flowers tied to the front. Polly was nominated and chosen for the Heightsman Award for her commitment to…
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