Sports Performance

IMG_0187_smYou can reach new levels of performance and wellness through the integrated performance services at Heights Performance.

It’s all about you and what you want to accomplish. Whether you’re a competitive athlete wanting to reach the podium, or your intent is to keep up with your grandkids, we partner with you to build a plan that fits the demands of your sport and your lifestyle.

The superior results reached by clients comes from a focus on integrated wellness combining:

  • Functional movement exams and training
  • Massage and soft tissue work
  • Acupuncture and holistic medicine
  • Nutrition
  • Performance Counseling
  • Custom Bike Fitting
  • Cycling Coaching

The integration continues as the service providers work as a team and communicate about each client to combine their work for greater results.

The path to higher levels of performance and wellness starts with a visit and assessment of your health. Contact Heights Performance today to find out more and to get started.

“The message is the integration of four keys: medical, nutritional, fitness, and behavioral components. Together, these create a life-enhancing synergy, a model for self-transformation, which will have a much greater positive impact on you and the advancement of your goal than any one of these pieces of the program could ever do by itself.”

–Peggy Wagner, LPC and co-author of The Everest Principle