Physical Therapy

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When faced with the challenge of healing from a surgery, an injury, or nagging pain, the approach starts with understanding the unique situation and goals of each client. From there we seek to get to the root of the problem through evidence based assessments. We join you step by step with targeted solutions to restore optimal function.

The physical therapists and staff of Heights Physical Therapy are passionate about serving each client. Combining years of specialized and ongoing training in various elements of outpatient rehab with a deep commitment to the clients needs, means quicker and more sustainable results.

Our state of the art facility serves as the backdrop for you to practice new ways of moving the way your body was meant to function. We utilize a combination of traditional tools and newer equipment, such as our Alter-G antigravity treadmill, to practice engaging your body in the complex movements that you perform in real life and in your sport.

Our Team of Physical Therapists