Susan Jackson- High Jumper

“Anything that gets your blood pumping is probably worth doing.” Hunter S. Thompson

I have been running track at a competitive level since I was 9 years old. Not only is it something I love and am passionate about but I live and breathe for it. It challenges me on susan (480x640)levels nothing else can. When I was in 4th grade I switched from private to public school. My parents signed me up for a club track team. It was then that we found out I had a knack for high jump. After winning back to back national titles at age 9, we knew it wasn’t something I would stray from. I did well in high school setting the school record to 5’10”. I then went to Sacramento City College where I won back to back state titles setting the school record to 5’10 as well. Throughout college and high school I was riddled with injuries, a total of 8. I was a High Jumper at Western State Colorado University where I won a National Title in 2012. The following year I took off due to an extensive ankle injury. In 2014 I set my personal record to 1.91m or 6′ 3.25″

This sport has allowed me to not only follow my dreams and passion but to travel and experience the world. I was given the biggest opportunity of my career in August of 2014 when I was invited to represent the United States of America in Mexico at the Pan American Games. It wasn’t the best meet of my life but I took 4th. I took the 2015 season off and brought a beautiful baby girl into this world.

Following my setbacks I was lucky enough to find Heights and work with their staff for all my injuries. After sitting out for 6 months due to an extensive ankle injury, I was able to come back and tie my personal best my first meet of the season. By the end of the year I had a new record. The following year I was able to do more hands on performance training with the staff at heights and was able to gain 5 more centimeters to my personal best. Moving from 6’0.75 to 6’3.25 is an incredible feat in 1 year . I was able to do it with the help of not only my coach, but also the staff at Heights breaking down my sport and preparing me to be more functional and perform at the optimal level. I continue to look forward to working with Trent and the Heights Performance team to be the best jumper possible.

Currently I am a full time mother and a recent WSCU graduate in Exercise Sports Science. I will continue to train and pursue my Olympic Dreams.