Taren Frazier, PT, DPT

From the beginning of her education, Taren has felt that she wanted her career path to lead her into some area of the medical field since she loves being able to help individuals discover a way to alleviate or control their problems.

She started her career path at CSU-Pueblo with an undergraduate degree in Exercise Science, Health Promotion, and Recreation with a minor in Business Administration while also playing collegiate volleyball. At the start of her last semester, it was time to decide on a specific career. She was accepted for an internship at a local outpatient physical therapy clinic. From that first day and every moment afterwards, she knew her career path was to become a physical therapist due to the pure enjoyment and fulfillment sheI received by helping patients regain their functions and return to previous activities. After completing a few more prerequisites, she was accepted into Texas Tech University of Health Sciences Center and completed their Doctorate of Physical Therapy program in May, 2015. While in the program, she completed one of her clinical education courses at Heights Physical Therapy with Trent Ezzell as her clinical instructor. She enjoyed herself immensely during that time and decided to return once she graduated due to the hardworking and motivated clients, fun and encouraging learning environment provided by all the staff members, and a beautiful landscape to look upon every day.
Taren had the great opportunity to grow up in two different parts of Colorado–the Mosquito Range of the Rocky Mountains and the Southeastern Plains. This has given her a unique perspective of the different lifestyles and the numerous activities and situations one encounters while living in a rural area. Ever since she can remember she was always on the go and has been involved in some type of sporting activity such as basketball, volleyball, softball, track, and rodeo/4H. Through these activities, she learned an abundance of knowledge which includes, how to train for the activity/sport at different levels, manage and cope through different types of injuries one might sustain, the rehabilitation process required to attain previous performance standards, and then completing the activities needed with correct techniques to avoid the possibility of additional injuries. This type of sports background along with working on different farms and ranches has allowed her to better understand what is required to complete the job in the most efficient and timely manner possible.

She looks forward to the opportunities that will be provided to her while working at Heights Physical Therapy which will enable her to make a significant difference with every client on their rehabilitation journey.