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Push yourself to reach your goals with the guidance of our skilled experts.

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Rehab starts with education and a solid therapy team. Our therapists will work with you to get you better in no time!

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of Performance

Heights has it all to get you feeling great and performing at your best!

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Integrated Performance

Superior Results

Make training more productive by incorporating massage and acupuncture into your weekly performance training or rehabilitation therapy.

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Antigravity Treadmill

Our state-of-the-art equipment will get you back on track faster than ever before!

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Physical Therapy & Sports Performance

Heal Faster & Reach New Levels of Performance

Welcome to Heights Performance where our goal is to help you heal faster and reach new levels of performance. Trent and Kaylynne Ezzell started Heights Performance in 2012 with years of physical therapy experience and a passion for bridging the gap in healthcare between rehab and optimum functioning. The road to recovery often begins with a top-notch physical therapy.

The sole aim of Heights Physical Therapy, LLC is to provide Gunnison County with exceptional physical therapy. Our state of the art facility, which includes the Alter-G antigravity treadmill, serves as the backdrop for us to work with you. With the support of our caring, skillful and fun staff, gains can often be made at the very first session. Then through expert guidance and your hard work, true recovery can be realized. Healing can happen faster and even new levels of performance reached by partnering with you to create a customized and holistic wellness plan.

This is where Heights Performance, LLC comes in. You have access to the Valley’s best nutritionist, massage therapists and performance counselors at Heights Performance. With your specialized team of wellness providers all communicating, your healing and functioning can be drastically enhanced.


Reach Your Goals With Our Anti-Gravity Treadmill

This machine will blow your mind!

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